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Top Sellers Mistakes

Thinking your Home is the Exception !

This is the number one predicament with sellers in today's market because they are naturally emotionally attached to their home, especially if they have lived there for more than 5 years. If you are trying to sell your home right now don't let this affection obscure the realities of today's real estate market because it can cost you thousands of dollars. Florida is a declining market and you need to price your home at a competitive level if you are expecting to sell your home with-in the next two to three months. This will be a difficult decision: to price the property at or below comparable homes in the area, even if the price point is less than what you think your home is worth. There are many sellers out there right now who think that their house is the exception don't be one of those sellers. They think that other houses for sale are way overpriced, but yet when you talk to them about their house, they think otherwise, and that their home should have a higher selling price because it is better. Overpricing your home because of an emotional attachment only makes selling it that much more difficult. Road House Realty specializes in helping sellers sell their home fast call us at 407-392-4663 for a FREE personal consultation

Not checking out the competition !

The Second biggest mistake sellers make when they try to sell their home is they price the home too high, it is that they're simply unaware of the steps necessary to know their real estate market. To sell your home, it's important to have a solid grasp on the conditions in your community, city, or subdivision. Sellers should study the pricing trends and sales data in their local market. But the data tell only half of the story. To fully understand the market, sellers should get a firsthand look at the nearby homes that are also up for sale. Use our Instant market data and receive instant statistics so that you can see and get a better understanding about how the market is now in your area. In addition we would recommend you to visit any open houses around your area to see how your home really compares to the competition.

Not checking your Real Estate company !

An effective, experienced real-estate company will be the biggest help you can get when selling your home in today's sluggish market. But finding such a company may not be easy. Real Estate companies these days are also looking for ways to save pennies and if they are not really spending money to have a great online presence might as well sell the property yourself. A lot of these companies think you can just put a yard sign in front of your home or an ad in Craigslist and the property will sell, and that's not how it works anymore.To ensure you're doing business with a solid real estate company, check out their online presence and the marketing plan. Road house Realty has the most advance real estate website in Central Florida we are where the buyers are contact us at 407-392-4663 for a FREE personal consultation.

Not making your property move in condition !

We have more than enough homes for sale in Central Florida, and buyers have many options to choose from. You as a seller need to ensure that your property is in excellent condition, if you want to obtain top dollar for it. What does that means, it is simple make any and all home repairs, you only get one first impression and you want your buyers to fall in love with your home. Your property needs to be immaculate, free of any clutter, and your landscape appealing. The buyers are being very picky right now, and they are ready to capitalize on any little thing that they see wrong with your home. You want your home to reflect nothing but a ready to move in condition.

Being present during showings !

Sellers have the mistaken idea that they are the best people to sell their house, and that is absolutely not the case. When a seller stays at the home during showings or an open house, buyers will have an uneasy feeling, and that is the feeling that they will take away from the house. Buyers want to shop comfortable and with no pressure from anyone, the last thing they need is the seller to tell them why his home is the home they need to buy. It's important then for the sellers to be away from the home during showings or open houses, as their being there can be uncomforting to would be buyers.

Taking negotiations too personal !

In today's market this scenario is very frequent, a buyer sends a low ball offer to the seller, they demand concessions such as help with closing costs or down payment assistance, and the sellers think they just got insulted. The negotiation process can be tough on sellers, so please don't take this process too personal when a buyer does that. They might really like your home and they want to see how motivated you are or they are just throwing offers out there to see who bites. If they are serious about buying your home then they will be willing to negotiate if not they were just wasting your time. It's important that you consider this as just another part of a business transaction. It is not meant to be personal, the buyer is just looking to buy as carefully as they can and pay as little as they can and it is all about them. Road House Realty specializes in negotiating top dollar for your property, contact us at 407-392-4663 for a FREE personal consultation.

Declining offers !

Remember the old saying a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush, even if you are not crazy about a buyer's offer, do not dismiss it. Most sellers just reject offers instead of sending a counter offers? You must be willing to negotiate with anyone and everyone who puts in an offer, even if it is one of those low ball offers. Don't ignore them, because those people might really want your property and all they need to make that possible is a little negotiation to make them commit to buying it. Road House Realty specializes in negotiating the best deals for you call us at 407-392-4663 for a FREE personal consultation.