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Welcome to road house realty the most advance real estate website in central Florida. This website was design to help you as a vacation home buyer to have all the necessary tools to make the best buying decision.

The most frequently ask question we get from out of state and overseas buyers is, do I a have to pay higher taxes just because I live either in a different State or Country? The answer is NO you don't pay any higher taxes whether you live here in Florida, a different state, or even if you live in a different country everyone pays exactly the same taxes.

We have selected the best Vacation home communities around central Florida based on your input so feel free to check the available homes in these communities or search by city to see all of the vacation homes available in each city. Know this that all of our services are free of charge to you and that we will be more than happy to assist you at anytime, good luck in finding your vacation home.

Please visit our Central Florida Communities Page where you can go read and learn about the best communities Central Florida has to offer. In addition, go and fly with us as we take you on a 3-D Google Earth Tour of your favorite Community around Central Florida.

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Central Florida Vacation Homes By City